Four members of the new iPhone 12 family, the basic iPhone 12 may be easy to ignore. You can see it as a step up from the top of the iPhone 12 mini, but it’s like there are two sizes of Apple Watch, the difference between these models is more related to personal preference than capability. You should use Rs. 10,000 more on iPhone 12 than iPhone 12 mini (Update)? Should this be your natural development option if you have an older model? What is this missing model compared to the more expensive, but very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro (Update)? I have all these answers and much more.

Price of iPhone 12 and stand in India

However, Apple has also decided to drop the price tag, leaving the iPhone 12 mini in a state of anticipation for the iPhone 12 to fill. That means you’ll have to spend more than you expect if you don’t want a smaller model. The price of the iPhone 12 in India starts at Rs. 79,900 for 64GB, and up to Rs. 84,900 for 128GB and Rs. 94,900 of 256GB.

Interestingly the price of the iPhone 12 Pro starts at Rs. 40,000 higher in Rs. 1,19,000 (the biggest difference in India than anywhere else in the world, for reasons Apple refused to specify when asked). The iPhone 12 Pro has a stainless steel frame rather than aluminum, double storage for each grade, and a 2x optical phone camera and LiDAR sensor with other AR applications and less light images. It also has great high screen brightness, 60fps Dolby Vision HDR video recording, night mode graphics, and ProRAW photo capture. If none of these features are important to you, the much cheaper iPhone 12 with the same SoC, battery, and other camera features suddenly seems like another good compulsion.

iPhone 12 design

We go back to the front and back which is completely flat, with a flat frame around the iPhone 12 family border. If you select one of the brightest color options, you will see a metal frame around the edges of your device. That means the front and rear panels are very secure, but I suspect the frame may be attacked or eaten without a trial, and that’s exactly what happened within a week of using the iPhone 12.

Apple claims that its new Ceramic Shield, used in the past, is four times more resistant to damage, but that doesn’t mean it’s resistant to scratches. You also get IP68 water and dust resistance rating, and the phone survived when it was thrown into a swimming pool and used to record video underwater for a few minutes during the update.

The lack of rounded edges means that the iPhone 12 feels a little more uncomfortable in the hand and is more in the ear than the iPhone 11 (Review). However, it is much smaller in size, especially large, and slightly lighter. With just 7.4mm thick and 162g, the difference is noticeable immediately. Whether talking on the phone, playing games, shooting a video, or just browsing for endless feeds, the iPhone 12 is a complete ergonomic development.

The use of one hand is not a big problem, because thanks to the glass back panel it is not slippery. Without the case, the two rear camera rings slide out, which is cause for concern. You get the standard power button on the right, and the volume buttons and the left mute switch. There is a Lightning connector at the bottom and an invisible MagSafe magnet ring behind Apple’s new wireless charging line. There is one Nano-SIM tray but you can use eSIM if you need a second line.

Details for iPhone 12 and software

We now know Apple’s A14 Bionic SoC, which is available throughout the iPhone 12 and newer iPad Air (2020). It has two very efficient CPU cores and four energy-saving features, quad-core GPU, next-gen “Neural Engine” logic AI, and more. Apple claims that this 5nm chip is not only a fast smartphone processor but also incredibly efficient. The biggest push with this generation is machine learning, which can be used to speed up device AI to make apps and UI itself more personal and more secure.

One of the most significant improvements that the iPhone 12 has introduced is its screen. Apple has used almost the same OLED panel on this device as in the iPhone 12 Pro, in stark contrast to previous generations when low-end models were lined with low-resolution LCD screens. This makes the iPhone 12 feel a lot more premium than before.

The 6.1-inch 1170x2532 HDR panel supports a wide P3 color gamut with Apple’s True Tone ambient light adjustment feature. The note above is great by today’s standards, and it’s really annoying when watching full-length videos, but it’s not a big problem if you’re used to using any recent iPhone. A high level of refreshment would have been great, but that is always the advantage of the Android camp for now.

Apple does not officially disclose things like battery and RAM capacity for its products, but we do know from third-party teardown that the iPhone 12 has a 2,815mAh battery and 4GB of RAM. You can choose between 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage — look at the prices, the basic model should have had more, but cloud and streaming services these days have reduced the amount of pain of running out of space.

The whole family of iPhone 12 supports sub-6GHz 5G, which is not a marketplace right now but hopefully, it will help in India soon. There is also Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, Ultra-wideband position, GPS, and NFC, or Apple restricts how some of these standards can be used.

IOS 14 works great smoothly without a doubt. The UI is responsive and the animation is great. Apps download quickly, even if they are temporarily unused. You get more customization options and built-in features (including some localized ones) than previous versions but you still have to learn to do more things the Apple way. Despite the high prices of iPhones, the stability and longevity of iOS 14, as well as its privacy features, keep many people inside the fold.

Most of the appeal of iPhones is under various Apple apps and services including Messages, FaceTime, and iCloud. The company is pushing hard for its Apple Music, Arcade, and TV + subscriptions, and some of the notifications can be annoying. You can install the free three months of Apple Arcade and the entire year of TV + with the purchase of any new iOS device, but iCloud storage is limited to 5GB without a paid subscription.

iPhone 12 performance and battery life

It should come as no surprise that performance in everyday use was completely flawless. Everything from face ID verification to loading heavy games and switching between apps to make it work. There’s not much these days that really presses mid-range calls, but the A14 Bionic still completely destroys expectations by answering and responding.

That is to say, everything is incomplete. Even with normal use, I felt like the back of the iPhone 12 was slightly warmer. It wasn’t a problem, but it was obvious. When you pressed the A14 Bionic SoC to its limits in games and tests, the back and metal frame found it really bad, and this may not be comfortable for some people on long distances. The case can help alleviate this to some degree.

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